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Seeing the world through the eyes of our son changed the way we looked at everything. And because we believe that taking the time to see the world through someone else’s eyes is a rewarding way to live, we began Little Red Pocket Co.

We create premium Australian handmade garments utilising the finest locally sourced sustainable fabrics and showcase the work of emerging artists on the spectrum by printing their artwork on each limited-edition collection.

By wearing a Little Red Pocket Co. garment you’re supporting emerging artists on the spectrum and creating opportunities for more people to see the world differently. Tolerance, understanding and inclusion matter and exploring these extraordinary imaginations is long overdue.

Who is little red pocket co.

Artwork Submissions Closed

In the coming weeks our team will be getting in contact with artists whose submitted pieces are of particular interest, in order to gain a thorough understanding of the work, and the artist's background and motivation behind it.  Our graphics design team will also be working and test printing art pieces to ensure their suitability.

This process will DEFINITELY be the hardest part of our short journey so far! Having to select just one piece from so many extraordinary submissions is certainly going to take its toll on all of us at LRPC, both emotionally and physically! 

Selected to go to print or not, we want all our artists to know, they truly inspired us with their courage to participate, their trust in LRPC, and their amazing imaginations! Thank you to all the young artists who submitted.

On June the 1st, we will publicly announce the successful piece going to print. 

A new art reach out round will be launched for ALL AGES on the 1st of July 2021.

For more information about Little Red Pocket Co please refer to our FAQ Section below.

our story

As we watched our son James grow and interact with life around him, we realised he was unique. Trying to understand his learning difficulties led to his autism diagnosis at the age of four, and it meant that we had to work harder at finding fresh ways to teach him things. 

But we never needed to teach him kindness. Seeing how he cared, loved and lived without prejudice, we knew his mind must be a magical place.

What he lacks in conventional communication and interaction skills, he makes up for in imagination! How do we know? His drawings. His drawings always reveal a fascinating glimpse into his unique perspective of the world around us. Paint, crayons, pencils – as long as it’s a tool to help him share a story, James doesn’t discriminate.

At Little Red Pocket Co. we celebrate the potential of a world without the boundaries of social norms. A world full of imagination.

Our long-term objective is to leave a meaningful legacy - and ensure that community-minded enrichment is part of a positive future that will help children like James embrace hope, potential and a big wide world of opportunities.


When he was little and out with us in a crowded place, our advice to James to hold onto our pocket was symbolic of our efforts to keep him safe and close to us. If he let go, we would feel the weight of his hand drift away from us and warn us that, perhaps, he was about to get lost in the chaos around us. 

The truth is, it was a coping mechanism for us as much as it was for him – and it worked.

So we thought, why not turn our little unique way of life into a bold symbol, used to show support and love for the often forgotten members of our community who live life on the spectrum and their families. The more little red pockets there are out in the community, the more acceptance and opportunities for those on the spectrum. Instead of feeling misunderstood, families can feel seen and supported when they see someone walking down the street wearing that signature little red pocket.

so, what's with the pocket?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Little Red Pocket Co support the Autism Community?

Little Red Pocket Co focuses on engaging with the Autism Community and investing in those affected. Our mission is to reinvest back into the very people we are trying to support. We do this through a monetary payment that goes directly to the artist to encourage them to further a career in the creative arts. As Little Red Pocket Co grows, employment opportunities within the company are open to and filled by those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

How does the artwork submission process work?

There are three artwork outreaches per year. We encourage people of all ages who have been diagnosed with autism to submit their original artwork. Please note however, some artwork submissions have age restrictions.

At the end of the three month submission period, our internal team conducts one-on-one interviews with each shortlisted artist to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria. A final artist and artwork is then selected.

We reward the winner’s imagination and artistic skill with sizable monetary incentives of $5,000 (AUD) for their artwork to be featured on a single collection run.

The winning artwork receives a four month production and sales run to a global audience. 

How many artwork outreaches are there a year?

There are three artwork submissions outreaches per year and each artwork outreach submission period is open for three months.

How long does each limited collection last for?

All of our released collections are limited edition. Each collection is only available for a four month period or until sold out - whichever comes first. At the end of the four months, the artwork is retired and never printed again.

Do winning artists receive royalties?

Whilst at this stage no royalties are available for our selected artists. For now, the selected artists from each outreach receive $5,000 (AUD) to encourage them to further their education and career in the creative arts. As we make steps toward this end goal, we will be able to increase our reward offering, hoping to further compensate our artists. 

We have chosen not to go down the road of offering royalties due to the potential fluctuation in sales for each collection and to ensure all artists receive equal monetary compensation. Each selected artist receives a $5,000 (AUD) reward regardless of our own success as a business, ensuring fair compensation for all artists. Our number one priority is investing back in the people we’re working with and raising awareness for them.

Is there a fee to submit artwork?

No, the submission of artwork is free.

Who can submit artwork?

Artwork submissions are only open to individuals with autism.

Why are there varying age restrictions on artwork submissions?

Little Red Pocket Co is about not only raising awareness and showing support for people with autism, but helping all emerging artists - young or old - on the spectrum to further explore a career in the creative arts. 

We have varying age restrictions for our artwork outreaches to ensure everyone has a fair chance and young adults are given a clear path without competing with adults. We also open up some artwork submissions to all ages to ensure all individuals are treated equally.

Each artwork submission period will clearly outline if any age restrictions apply to that particular artwork submission period.

Do artists keep ownership of the artwork they submit?

Artwork is only owned temporarily by Little Red Pocket Co during the outreach period, which lasts three months. At the conclusion of this period, all runner up artists will regain full ownership of their submissions.

All selected submissions for each collection will remain under ownership of Little Red Pocket Co, even after the collection run has ended. This is to ensure the artwork isn’t used or printed for other purposes and to protect customers of Little Red Pocket Co and maintain the limited edition authenticity of our product. Little Red Pocket Co will never reprint or reuse artwork designs from previous submissions. 

What makes Little Red Pocket Co clothing ‘limited edition’?

Each Little Red Pocket Co collection only lasts four months. Following the four month period, the artwork is not printed on any future Little Red Pocket Co clothing. As the artwork stays under ownership by Little Red Pocket Co, this means it won’t be used in any other way in the future. Each item of clothing will have a unique number printed on it for authenticity purposes.

How many artwork submissions can you make?

Due to the large amount of submissions, we limit artwork submissions to three per artist. Simply complete the form online for each artwork submission piece.

Is Little Red Pocket Co an Australian brand?

All Little Red Pocket Co clothing is designed and manufactured in Australia from 100% locally sourced, sustainable fabrics.


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